Case N , from car to your phone

honda-smartphone-airbag-650x0Every day, new technologies are shown to us. Some of these technologies are useful and others are strange In fact, some people like to buy this strange technology to try it. But this time I will talk about a case that might probably gets the title of “the weirdest accessory for 2013” – if it is real – and especially as it comes from a big company, but not in cell pone accessories; this Company is “Honda” and the product is a bag for Smartphone devices.

In the world of cars, there are a lot of safety features such as belts and airbags, which is one of the most prevalent means of security and development. But it seems that Honda are thinking of transferring this technology to the world of Smartphone devices specifically for casings.

Honda has released a video on the front page of their official YouTube channel. They are already working on the cover by using airbags. The airbags opens when the device falls to the ground.

Watch the following video (in Japanese), and you’ll know about it:

There are not many details about the product, whether it is really a case or Honda will a show us it is an advertisement for their new car?!,


To sum up,  as we saw in the last previous video, Honda designed a large case that has a Bags open at the fall open during 0.2 seconds. a canister of carbon dioxide gas fills the bag . so, it does not crash.  I do not expect to see this product soon, but that does not mean we will not see it forever.

Or Honda may be start to develop a new type of accessories, no one knows.



Honda makes a smartphone airbag … no, this is not a joke :

Honda invents airbag case to protect your smartphone:

The airbag for your MOBILE:

Smartphone Case N:


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