Bill to introduce Citizens’ Initiative Review in Massachusetts

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Numerous co-sponsors have lined up behind a 2017 bill authored by Representative Jon Hecht and Bradford Hill to introduce Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR) in Massachusetts. This follows on the heels of a pilot CIR in Mass., which our research team evaluated in the winter of 2016 (see “Assessment of the 2016 Massachusetts Citizens’ Initiative Review Pilot on Question 4“).

Project co-leader John Gastil discussed the 2016 Mass. pilot at the experience of Oregon with the CIR from 2010-16 in a brief talk during a legislative briefing at the Massachusetts State House (see “Research on the 2016 Massachusetts pilot Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR) and the 2010-2016 Oregon CIR“).

If the Mass. law passes and gets a signature by January, 2018, the legislature will begin a process to hold the first full-fledged CIR in that state in time for the 2018 general election.

Media coverage on the bill includes this piece from 22News.

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