New Student Group Meets: Women in Earth and Mineral Sciences (WEMS)

The newly formed undergraduate EMS student group held a faculty panel discussion on October 29.┬áVictoria Sanchez, Yvette Richardson, Melissa Gervais, Kate Freeman and I were asked to provide “a piece of advice on being a woman in science.”

We learned many on the panel enjoyed science and math in high school; they found themselves naturally pursuing more of these kinds of courses when they enrolled in college. Melissa recalled that a particular physics teacher was instrumental in her career path, and Kate made us all laugh when she told us about the role of tarot cards in her early decision-making.

Overall the evening went by fast because of the animated discussion generated by the insightful questions of the audience. Thanks for inviting me to be part of the kick-off event for this new club.

If you want more information on how to join, contact Vivian Rennie ( or Kayla McCauley (

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