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Week 5: Other Hair Products

October 3, 2013 by Jayme Renee Rhoads   

Last week I talked of my love for LUSH’s innovative shampoo bars, but it would be a crime to ignore the other parts of my hair-care routine from LUSH; including one of their liquid shampoos, LUSH conditioners and a hair moisturizer.

I have only tried one of their liquid shampoos titled Cynthia Sylvia Stout. It is a dark brown thick liquid that looks and smells like beer. This shampoo was made for the purpose of adding volume, softness and shine to dry or frizzy hair. I find that this shampoo is great for adding more richness of color to my hair, and it helps to decrease frizziness on humid days. The smell is rather intoxicating, and fortunately the smell of beer does not stay on the hair, it instead just gives a rich and warm scent (not an alcoholic smell). I bought the smallest bottle of this shampoo in January of 2012, and I have used it on average of once every two weeks and I still have about a ninth of the tiny bottle left. I would definitely have to buy more if I wanted to use this as my everyday shampoo, but I like it just as a special hair treatment once in a while.

Cynthia Sylvia Stout from NYC

Cynthia Sylvia Stout from NYC


LUSH has really amazing conditioners that help my hair’s health. I loved the whole idea of the solid shampoo bars, and I was happy to know that LUSH has a solid conditioner too! It is called Jungle, and it smells so exotic! The feeling of it on your hair is definitely not the same as traditional conditioners. It almost feels like none of the product gets on your hair but after you step out of the shower and dry off, you can feel how richly conditioned Jungle makes your hair. Inside this great smelling green bar are some amazing and effective products like cocoa butter, banana, passion fruit, kiwi, and avocado. It’s like a conditioning exotic fruit salad for your hair! Plus, you can even use this as a shaving cream!

Jungle solid conditioner.

Jungle solid conditioner.


Next I tried Veganese, and I fell in love with this conditioner. The smell of it is so lemony and fresh and clean, it goes perfectly well with my Seanik solid shampoo. I first bought a small bottle of this online, but it was so effective and great smelling that I had to buy a bigger size while I was in a LUSH store in Toronto. This is the conditioner that I currently use almost every day. I have had this same medium sized bottle since August of last year, and I have about a sixth of it left. LUSH conditioners are so concentrated and effective that you don’t have to smother your hair in order for it to work. I use a very little amount, and it conditions my hair better than using a big amount of traditional conditioners. It is meant to be a lighter conditioner, so it is great for people with fine hair, but it works well for any type of hair.

Veganese from Toronto.

Veganese from Toronto.


Then there is American Cream, a rich vanilla and strawberry scented conditioner. I just had to try out this product because it smelled amazing, and I already knew that LUSH conditioners work really well. This product is filled with honey water, vanilla, fresh strawberries and lavender. The smell is divine, and it works like a dream. I bought a little bottle from NYC, and it lasted me for a really long time. My boyfriend’s sister bought American Cream while we were in Atlantic City this past summer, and my boyfriend tried it… He absolutely loved the smell, and he ordered it online a few days after using it! I love that the people around me love LUSH too. Once I run out of my Veganese, I will definitely buy American Cream again.

American Cream  from NYC

American Cream from NYC


To end my hair routine, I use R&B hair moisturizer daily. While I was at a LUSH in Montreal in 2011, my mother and I went on a huge shopping spree because this was the first LUSH we had been to since New Zealand in 2006. We got practically everything that our hearts desired, and my mom bought a LUSH hair care box containing Jumping Juniper solid shampoo, Jungle solid conditioner, Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease, Curly Wurly shampoo and R&B hair moisturizer. Even though this were her items, I “borrowed” Jumping Juniper, Jungle and R&B. R&B gives extra moisture and keeps away frizz. I put it in while my hair is still damp after my shower, I only use a small amount but I spread it all over, and then let my hair dry. It keeps my curls smooth without getting frizzy and plus it has an amazing smell. I don’t even know how to describe the smell, but it reminds me of that trip to Montreal. I highly recommend this product, it is something that I use daily to keep my hair happy and healthy.

R&B from Montreal.

R&B from Montreal.

Until next time,

Jayme Renee


  1. Brittany Ayers says:

    Thanks for sharing again! I have really fine hair and have to use just the right amount of conditioner. I think that I should try Veganese! I also really like the idea of a conditioner that doubles as shaving cream!

  2. Mary Taylor says:

    This is a great hair care recommendation, I like how you include the exact scents to so that you are not left guessing as a reader what that title could have in store for you.

  3. Alyssa San Jose says:

    Love reading about your products, its definitely always interesting. I was going to place an order sometime this week!

  4. Jack DiMidio says:

    All these products look and sound so enticing! You write about them super well!

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