Changes to ‘material type’ for online video in The CAT, LionSearch

In response to concerns about the identification and discovery of online (streaming) videos, a change was made in the coding of the Material Type for online videos in The CAT and LionSearch. Instead of assigning the Material Type ONLINE, we are assigning the Material Type VIDEO. On location displays, the Material is now listed as “Video Material”; the Library continues to be “Online Resources” and the Location continues to be “Online Content”. Using the Advanced Search in The CAT, you can retrieve online video using “Video Material” in the Material Type drop-down list. This change also effects LionSearch, where these items display as “Video Recordings”. (As opposed to streaming videos displaying as e-books due to limited mapping options.) This change effected 9,232 items. Thank you, Emily and Binky on behalf of the Discovery and Access Working Team