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RCL #7- Paradigm Shift

Recruiting at a younger age

– teams that aren’t very good have a chance to get better
– players have a chance to choose to be on a good team
– maybe the players transfer to a better school
– gives them relief knowing where they are going
– makes players feel special getting the attention
– becomes more like college
– gives players more options

– more stress on players
– parents tend to interfere more, Helicopter parents
– team may not be what they think once they get there
– too soon to tell player’s true talent
– against the rules
– Private Schools have an advantage
– becomes more like college
– adds another aspect of high school hockey (most likely not in a good way)
– takes focus form developing players
– lack of school/town pride
– lack of history/chemistry
– focus more on individual than team (even though team sport)
– money becomes involved (with Private Schools)
– pressures younger kids into only picking one sport, doesn’t allow them to explore other options