“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” –Socrates

I believe that nowadays we focus so much on the past that we close of possibilities for the future. Instead of accepting that what has happened is already done and over with, our generation relies on asking questions such as “what if.” This quote is another one of my favorites because I believe that this is something people should go by to live a happy life.

Relationships are a huge example I can relate this quote to. Although two people may “break up” those break ups can last for years. Unfortunately, after spending so much of your time with someone, it is hard to completely break everything you once had with him or her off completely. However, think about how much energy you waste arguing, crying, and reminiscing about past moments you had with one another. These are all examples of energy working negatively to make you even more upset about the whole situation. Why fight about something that is already far into the past?

The word “building” in this quote is among the most powerful, in my opinion. That’s what life and change has to do with, being able to build yourself up for the next step in life. Dwelling on something that happened yesterday, that you can no longer change is only tearing down what you’re supposed to be building up. Each one of us has different ways of coping with situations; they will never all be the same. However, I think that if we all took a moment to relate this quote into our lives, we would all have a much more positive outcome.

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