Erie Hack – Water Innovation Competition


Kick-off party for this at Radius CoWork today at 5pm for the Erie Hack water innovation competition

Look at this:

  • Summary: Teams compete with their solutions to the water related challenges listed in the website above.
  • The timeline is short, but they don’t expect perfection. They’re offering incubation as a part of the rewards, so further development and implementation can proceed.
  • Five people on a team. No age/student/professional restrictions.
  • Innovation Commons will offer itself as a resource for the competing Erie teams and as an incubation site for the Behrend teams as they develop their plans.
  • Wide range of skill sets are relevant.
  • Prizes are substantial.

A kick-off party for this event ( is coming up on March 1st at Radius CoWork, downtown, see below. Teams do NOT need to be formed to attend. Part of the purpose of the kick-off is team building. I will be there. If they haven’t already heard about this, I would expect some students and professors to be interested given the wide scope of the challenges. Innovation Commons can serve as a location for any Behrend teams to work on their plans while they compete, and the Commons will be offering itself as a resource for any Erie teams that are in need of its capabilities. The kick-off is not required for competition, but I recommend interested students/professors/whoever to go. There’s really a play for a large number of skill sets here. 

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