Advising on Game Development minor


The following courses are offered in Spring 2019 for the game development minor:

GAME 140 – Gaming and Interactive Media  (can also count as General Education – GS)

GAME 160N – Introduction to Video Game Culture (can also count as GA, GH and US) – enrollment controlled, priority given to students enrolled in the game development minor, please contact instructor Dr. Ahmed Yousof for manual enrollment

GAME 250 – Technical Game Development  (required for the game development minor)

PSYCH 244 – Introduction to the Psychology of Human Factors Engineering

GAME 450 – Advanced Game Programming  (to count for the game minor, students must take GAME 450, not the co-listed CMPSC 441. GAME 450 and CMPSC 441 have different lab assignments.  Also count as a Supporting and Related Area course for CS majors, and technical elective for SE majors.)

GAME 434 – listed on LionPath as PSYCH 434 – Psychology of Gaming  (also count as a Supporting and Related Area course for CS majors. Does not count as an elective for SE majors)


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