How I ended up in SC200


My name is Chris Ronkainen, and I am from Souderton, Pennsylvania which is roughly forty-five minutes outside of Philadelphia. I am a current sophomore and proud to attend such a great university. My choice to take Science 200 instead of another science related course was an easy one. I needed a general education science course and I’m not greatly intrigued by standard science courses like chemistry and biology. Instead I found classes such as astronomy and meteorology in high school to be more appealing. I personally take more of an interest in technology and the amazing advances that we are making. Just recently I ran across an article talking about the next generation apple watch and that it will now include a 334 mAh battery, an improvement from the first generations 246 mAh battery. Being able to pack that much technology into something that is 42mm wide is incredible to me.


More background about myself, I am currently a DUS student pursuing Smeal College of Business. Finance, or accounting to be more specific. Throughout high school I always took an interest in the business courses I took such as Personal Finance, Intro to Business, and both Accounting I and II. When it came to science courses I found myself distancing myself and not engaging in the class or material. For this reason I am currently pursuing Smeal and not a major in the Eberly College of Science.  With that being said, I am very excited to take this course and see what it is all about!

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