The Grand Canyon?

Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa Hardy, although I usually go by Aly. I am an RPTM major with a focus in commercial recreation and minoring in business. I am from northern Vermont and came across Penn State because of the new hockey program here. I spent two years in the juniors playing for the Boston Shamrocks and lived there during that time and that is how I got to Penn State.

I am not only taking this course to fulfill my science credits but also because my advisor told me that it was for non science majors and throughout the course we relate science to the real world and what type of things may be happening at the time and that caught my attention. I am not big with the mathematic side of science so I figured this would be something that I would enjoy.

I am not a science major because I originally was interested in architecture throughout high school and unfortunately i was unable to pursue that dream because of issues with programs and hockey commitments. My other interests were event planning and sports management which is where I found RPTM and have loved it ever since. Also, science wasn’t always my favorite subject in school and I wouldn’t know where I would want to go with it if I was a science major.

This summer I drove back to school from California and stopped at the Grand Canyon for the first time. Hopefully you enjoy this random picture I took while I was there!


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  1. Hannah Margaret Mears


    I find it so cool that you played in the junior league for hockey because some of my best friends are in the program now. I knew nothing about it until this year when they all started to get recruited. I also think your major sounds extremely cool. I am going to share a link with you about event planning for sporting events and the job outlook for it. LINK


    Hannah Mears

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