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My name is Lucas Hansen, I come from a small town located in Jupiter, Florida (I know ironic right, since were in a science class). Most of the activities in my town consist of out door activities, like going on the boat, beach, sports, ect. I played varsity Lacrosse for two years of High School and ran track my freshman year. During High School i enjoyed taking high level science classes, and actually did well in them, but it wasn’t where my heart truly was. At first when i applied to Penn State, I applied to the Eberly college of Science and intended on majoring in some field of science, to continue onto medical school. However, over the transition from the end of senior year of high school to summer I realized that I wanted to follow the path of my Dad and work on Wall Street. With this being said, I switched my major to the Division of Undergraduate Studies in hopes to be in the Smeal College of Business as soon as possible to pursue my dreams. After realizing that my major was no longer going to be science related, I made the bold move to switch out of evil Chemistry 110. After speaking with my advisor on the phone, she recommended a couple classes for me to take and SC200 was one of them. I chose this class as a substitute, not only because it satisfies a Gen-ed credit, but it offers a wide range in the aspect of science and I hope it will teach me new things related to science that I haven’t learned about before. Another reason why this class is perfect for me is because it doesn’t focus on one specific topic, and focuses on topics that many people think about daily.

DREDGINGIn my town ocean dredging is a process where boats come in with large pipes to deepen canals or enlarging beaches by removing sand from the bottom and moving it somewhere else more desireable and it is becoming a problem for local marine life. Not far from me in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale area the coastal area was dredged, causing many coral species in the area to die due to the falling of sediment on coral.

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  1. jtc5474

    What’s good Lucas! My name is John (JT) Carney and your post really interested me because i learned all about ocean dredging in high school. I took AP Environmental Science and we discussed all these issues from marine life to beach erosion and more, so this is a topic that I am well aware of. I also decided science major wasn’t my thing and switched my major to DUS in hopes to transfer into the Smeal college of Business. My grandparents have several houses down in Florida as well and it’s one of my favorite places so maybe we can meet up some day and play some sports on the beach while paying close attention and learning more about the dangers of these ocean dredgers. I found an article that discusses all about the dangers of ocean dredging in case you wanted to take a look: Dangers of ocean dredging!

  2. Zachary Jacob Himel

    Hey Lucas guy, I also partook in track and field my freshman year in high school. My favorite place to visit is Florida because it is super chill. I love boats and beaches too. I’ve been on a few fishing trips throughout Florida on a boat and every time it has been an excellent time. Science was something I considered when coming to Penn State, but family purposes also made me want to graduate from the business school. I think we should go to Florida and do something about these dredgers. Maybe even bring a couple of fishing rods while we are at it. That sounds like an amazing life. According to this article on Washington Times, http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/aug/17/lawsuit-seeks-to-protect-corals-from-florida-port-/, we should become environmentalists. Something you could learn from my blog post is that I am interested in the ocean. I think a large part of this comes from my grandpa having a boat down in Florida, which I often visited. Anyway, fantastic post, man.

  3. Brendan Mironov

    What’s up Lucas? My name is Brendan and I am also interested in a career on Wall Street. I’m from Miami, Florida so your blog post really hit home for me. Ocean dredging is a huge problem in South Florida and I hope Andrew brings it up in class. When I was home during the summer, the algae infested water caused outrage. Something definitely needs to be done about dredging and the water issue in Florida.

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