What does Steroids really do to a Human?

Who doesn’t want to be ripped? I mean come on gentleman, we all wish we looked like we were on steroids, without taking them. The reason why we don’t do it is because of it’s effects on the body. Although it can severely hurt your health, many individuals still use it. I have been a witness of people using steroids. No, it wasn’t a grown man, it was kids in my HIGH SCHOOL. Unfortunately, teenagers are using steroids at such a young age and it is certainly diminishing their health. From being around people who use it, it can make you go absolutely insane. Then I come to think of it, aren’t people insane just for using?


The effects

-kidney problems, liver damage, shrinkage of testicles(in men), baldness, increased risk of prostate cancer, stunted growth(teenagers).

Forget about the looks, worry about your health

Some people may never listen to these effects, just because they want to get jacked. Individuals are forgetting about their own health, and proceeding to do steroids. Yes, looking good at the beach this summer may help you out socially, but is it worth the risk you are putting your body into? I strongly disagree with the usage of steroids. Not only is it cheating, but it can end one’s life. According to Health Research Funding, about 85% of teenagers don’t learn the effects of steroids in school. Have I? No. My high school faded away from the talk of steroids rather than attacking it. I believe, we must discuss this in all high schools before students become sophomores. After a student’s freshman year, they start to follow the older kids. For me and my friends, that’s when we started to develop into the kids that were having more “fun”. We must teach people about this topic so that they don’t get involved in it.

3 thoughts on “What does Steroids really do to a Human?

  1. Thomas Tatem Moore

    This article really interested me, I have always been interested in steroids effect on professional sports, especially pro baseball. here is an article I found relating steroids and baseball.

  2. Eddy Lee

    Very interesting and informative read. As an individual who works outs, I feel that steroid use is a form of cheating and definitely not the way to go. Especially with all the harmful effects that it can have on your body. I also agree with the fact that issue of steroid use should continue to be addressed at high schools. I feel that many people only looks at the benefits of steroid use while completely blocking out the negatives. Here is another article that shows other harmful affects on your body.

  3. Christina Rae Locurto

    Nice post! I think it’s important to realize that both men and women have equal insecurities about how they look, and that men often get overlooked when it comes to these kinds of things. I know a lot of guys who wish they had bigger muscles, even one who is seriously considering going on steroids. And it’s very unfortunate because people are destroying their bodies, regardless of their sex, to achieve a body that is “perfect” to society. Here is an interesting article from The Sun that talks about a man who did steroids, and his experience with them.

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