*Immediate PhD positions available at E-Bio-E Lab in the EE department* Interested applicants should email Dr. Ebrahimi at sue66(AT)psu(DOT)edu with their CV (which should include their GPA and English test scores) and copy of their publications. We are looking for applicants with training and expertise in one or more of the following areas: Biosensors, analytical chemistry and surface chemistry/functionalization, 2D material devices, and/or electronic transport measurements

Welcome to the Ebrahimi Bioanalytical and Biosensor Engineering (E-Bio-E) Lab at Penn State University. Our mission is to devise innovative in situ sensory and analytical platforms for biomedical and environmental monitoring applications. We have a Bottom-Up approach: understanding the underlying science (material properties, physics, biophysics) and leveraging them in developing novel engineering solutions (low-cost and simple-to-use sensing devices and platforms). Our research is cross-disciplinary, spanning electrical engineering, device physics, electrochemistry, materials, applied physics and chemistry, and life science (with special interest in microbiology). 

  • Advanced Sensors based on 2D Materials