Rest Easy

Hello everyone,

We know that evening hours can sometimes be difficult for people with dementia, so this week we have a few ideas for how to help residents relax and get to sleep more easily.

  • Have a staff or a family member give the person a gentle hand or back massage using a lightly scented lotion like lavender
  • Play soft music or nature sounds in the resident’s room
  • Provide residents with books or magazines with pictures they might enjoy, such as a travel or art magazine
  • Make sure the person has used the restroom right before going to bed
  • Ensure that blinds are closed and lights aren’t causing shadows on the walls
  • Avoid turning on the television as this can be too stimulating
  • Try to keep hallway noise to a minimum during evening hours
  • Keep bedtime routine consistent
  • Engage the resident in physical activities during the day
  • Go outside to spend time in the sunshine during the day

Studies suggest that incorporating multiple interventions like those listed above may be more effective in promoting sleep than performing just one intervention alone.

Have a great week!

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