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New URL for John Locke Resources

Beginning in September 2017, there is a new URL for John Locke Resources and related sites:

The current URLs (this should include all pages on the site) will be redirected automatically to the new URL.

As a result of my retirement from Penn State, there has been a new agreement with Penn State University Libraries regarding the hosting and future development of the sites.  Things should continue without significant changes for the next sixth months; after that, there may be announcements of changes to the design and functioning of the sites.

John Locke Resources: new site organization

A new site organization for the John Locke Bibliography and related sites launched on February 10, 2009.

When you connect to the John Locke Bibliography using the normal URL —
you will see a new gateway page, which provides links to the John Locke Bibliography, the John Locke Chronology, and the John Locke Manuscripts, as well as to related Locke sites such as the Digital Locke Project and the Locke Studies home page.  I welcome suggestions for other sites to include on this page.

On each of the sites, you will begin to see some design changes, which I hope will make the pages easier and more pleasant to read.

John Attig, compiler