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Update to John Locke Bibliography, 30 April 2013

The following entries were added to the John Locke Bibliography on 30 April 2013.

  • Allen, K. “Locke and sensitive knowledge.” 2013. — Chapter 3.
  • Puster, R. W. “Interpretation und Konsistenz.” 1995. — Chapter 3.
  • ——–. “John Locke” [in Geschichte der Bioethik]. 2011. — Chapter 3.
  • ——–. “John Locke — der Empirismus und seine Tücken.” 2004. — Chapter 3.
  • ——–. “Die Selbigkeit des Erinnerten.” 2004. — Chapter 3.

Thanks to Rolf W. Puster for providing a list of his publications on Locke (more to come next month).

Update to John Locke Bibliography, 18 April 2013

The following entries were added to the John Locke Bibliography on 18 April 2013.

  • Boeri, M. D. “Innateness, universal reason, and self-preservation.” 2012. — Chapter 3.
  • Harvey, S. & Grist, E. “The Rainbow Coffee House and the exchange of ideas in early eighteenth-century England.” 2006. — Chapter 12.
  • Mandelbrote, S. “Pierre Des Maizeaux.” 2006. — Chapter 12.
  • Milton, J. R. “Locke and the Elements of natural philosophy.” 2012. — Chapter 9.
  • Secord, J. A. “Newton in the nursery.” 1985. — Chapter 9.
  • Wolterstorff, N. Understanding liberal democracy. 2012. — Chapter 7.

Thanks to Marcelo Boeri and John Milton for information about their publications.

In addition to the above, entries have been added for the chapters in Locke et Leibniz : deux styles de rationalité / Martine de Gaudemar, Philippe Hamou (éds.). — Hildesheim ; Zürich ; New York : Olms, 2011.

The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke

The Locke Board has approved an announcement of the current state of the Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke.

The Locke Board and its publisher, Oxford University Press, aim to place in the public domain critical editions of the complete works of Locke in thirty-seven volumes. The intention is to include all texts published in Locke’s name that can securely be attributed to him, together with his correspondence, and a considerable body of his unpublished manuscripts.

The announcement includes information about the Board, a list of the volumes already published, a list of the volumes in preparation and in prospect, and information about the editors of forthcoming volumes.

This announcement has been posted as a page on the John Locke Bibliography; this version includes links to the relevant entries in the Bibliography (which have been updated on the basis of this announcement) and to the Author Index. The page will be updated as new information becomes available.