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Warning: Non-Latin alphabet characters not displaying properly!

I have just noticed that the non-Latin alphabet (Unicode) characters are not displaying properly on the server.  Apparently, browsers are not properly detecting the character encoding.

You can fix this by manually setting the character encoding to UTF-8.  Unfortunately, you seem to have to do this for every page you view.

In most browsers, this setting is on the View menu.

I hope that this is a temporary problem.

Update to John Locke Bibliography, 15 February 2009

The following entries have been added to the John Locke Bibliography on 15 February 2009:

  • Anstey, P. R. “The experimental history of the understanding from Locke to Sterne.” 2008. — Chapter 3. [To be published in March 2009]
  • Charles, S. “Les enjeux de l’éducation pour la critique lockienne des idées innées.” 1998. — Chapter 3.
  • Felder, D. W. “The call for a world constitutional convention.” 1998. — Chapter 7.
  • Fuerst, J. W. Mestizo rhetoric. 2000. — Chapter 7.
  • Goldie, M. “The present state of Locke biography.” 2008. — Chapter 2. [To be published in March 2009]
  • Harris, J. A. “Innateness in British philosophy, c. 1750-1820.” 2008. — Chapter 3. [To be published in March 2009]
  • Knight, H. & Hunter, M. “Robert Boyle’s Memoirs for the natural history of human blood (1684) 2007. — Chapter 9.
  • Milton, P. “John Locke’s expulsion from Christ Church in 1684.” 2008. — Chapter 2. [To be published in March 2009]
  • Uzgalis, W. “Paidea and identity.” 1998. — Chapter 2.
  • Walmsley, J. C. & Meyer, E. “John Locke’s ‘Respirationis usus’.” 2008. — Chapter 9. [To be published in March 2009]

My thanks to David Armitage and Jim Buickerood for several of these citations.


John Locke Resources: new site organization

A new site organization for the John Locke Bibliography and related sites launched on February 10, 2009.

When you connect to the John Locke Bibliography using the normal URL —
you will see a new gateway page, which provides links to the John Locke Bibliography, the John Locke Chronology, and the John Locke Manuscripts, as well as to related Locke sites such as the Digital Locke Project and the Locke Studies home page.  I welcome suggestions for other sites to include on this page.

On each of the sites, you will begin to see some design changes, which I hope will make the pages easier and more pleasant to read.

John Attig, compiler