Libraries at the Great Insect Fair!

By: Janet Hughes

For the first time  ever, the University Libraries was asked to participate in the Great Insect Fair, held on Saturday Sept. 26 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. in Snider Ag Arena.

Great Insect Fair, Libraries booth

The Great Insect Fair is an annual event hosted by the Department of Entomology in the Snider Ag Arena ( It celebrates insects with lots of activities, games, crafts, tasty treats, learning opportunities, displays, and other fun stuff. This year, the Life Science Library was asked to participate by staffing a booth. We set up a trifold displaying book covers from our collections. We had coloring pages and crayons, Libraries swag (mini-Sharpies, sticky notes, and pencils), and games for visitors to play. The game “Match-A-Bug”, from the Education Library, was especially well received, with lines of kids waiting to play.

There were very few quiet moments throughout the day (estimated 4000-5000 visitors). It was a great opportunity to let folks know that, not only do we have a wonderful collection of books for all ages, we also have teaching materials, games and other cool stuff.

Great Insect Fair, booth closeup