The John Locke Workshop, June 22-25, 2017

The 2017 John Locke Workshop will take place this weekend in London, Ontario.

The topic of this year’s workshop is Toleration and its Epistemic and Anthropological Bases. It will bring together international experts in Locke’s political, religious, and epistemological thought to explore specific themes related to the topic.

This year’s workshop is co-sponsored by Columbia University and Western University. The organizers are Benjamin Hill (Western), Kathryn Tabb (Columbia), and Richard Vernon (Western).

The Workshop will contain the following sessions and papers:

Locke among the Dutch: Completing the Epistola and the Essay

  • Gorham, G. “Insights from the van Limborch correspondence.” – Chapter 3.
  • Hickson, M. “Secularism or toleration?” – Chapter 6.

Certainty, Probability, and Reasons: Reasons for Toleration

  • Casson, D. “Toleration without sovereignty.” – Chapter 6.
  • Borgida, M. “Civil interests and Locke’s political reason for toleration.” – Chapter 6.

Locke and his Friends: Latitudinarians, Arminians, and Socinians

  • Sheridan, P. “John Locke and the Latitudinarians.” – Chapter 6.
  • Rossiter, E. “Natural religion and the ambiguity of Locke’s theological commitments.” – Chapter 5.

Toleration and the Ethics of Belief

  • Walmsley, J. “Locke and toleration : new manuscript evidence.’ – Chapter 6.
  • Pritchard, E. “Locke on toleration and the right way to believe.” – Chapter 6.

Toleration, Tempers, and Enthusiasm

  • Tabb, K. “Locke’s pyrrhonian case for toleration.” – Chapter 6.
  • Wright, J. “Locke on toleration and religious experience.” – Chapter 6.
  • Vernon, R. “Tempers and toleration.” – Chapter 6.

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