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Hey SC200, my name is Mary, but I go by Molly. I chose to take this science course because I see myself as a person who enjoys critical thinking and deep reflection as opposed to facts and memorization. In high school, all of my science courses consisted of formulas I found confusing, labs that bored me to tears, or dissections that left me feeling queasy. Walking out of class, I usually felt like this:

Science meme

However, I still have a genuine appreciation for science, because it surrounds me in all aspects of my life. Scientists created the car I drive. They invented the technology that tells me how to dress appropriately for the weather. They are even responsible for the reconstructed ACL in my right knee.

But like I said…while I have a real appreciation for science, I’m not too excited by the nitty-gritty details of biology, chemistry, and physics. I’ve always taken interest with math and languages, and I consider my abilities to organize and lead a team efficiently my best skills. For this reason, I plan on pursuing a career in business and tackling fluency in Spanish. However, I do see the importance of understanding (even a little) the subject that plays such a primary role in my life. Here is a Canadian article I found that explains the importance of being scientifically literate. The content is concurrent with my views on the importance of science…hopefully at least one of you agrees with it too!

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  1. Rachel Marie Aul

    Hi, Molly!
    I love your post – I agree that it’s important to be scientifically literate. Whether we like it or not, the range of science continues to grow each and every day. Everything around us is embedded in the roots of science, and sometimes we don’t even realize! I found a really cool article on this. It explains how science is in almost everything and everywhere.
    You should check it out!
    From the moment we wake up, to the time we get ready for bed, we are in the presence of “science.”

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