“Participatory Global Citizenship” Paper Featured on Yale Global

One of my recently published article, “Participatory Global Citizenship: Civic Education Beyond Territoriality“, co-authored with Nabih Haddad of Michigan State University, has been featured on Yale Global‘s Academic Papers collection

Yale Global is an online publication of Yale University’s MacMillan Center. According to its website, the “Academic Papers” series incorporates “analytical and reflective essays on various aspects of globalization from many sources.”  (Available at: http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/academic/papers). The co-authored paper has been previously published on Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics, 2015. Below is the abstract of the featured essay, the full version of the paper can be accessed here: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2565483


There has been an emerging interest regarding the role of higher education as a promoter of civic education and public engagement. Amid this growing debate, the discussions have tended to remain within the scope of the nation-state. Drawing on the literature of civic engagement and citizenship, this article extends that discussion by positing universities as centers of cosmopolitanism and participatory global citizenship beyond state borders. This article argues that civic education must move past the traditional state-centric framework, and search for ways that might lead to meaningful integration of the idea of the global citizen. This article concludes by offering suggestions on how global civic education scholarship and institutional practices should proceed in ways that transcend the ossified Westphalian state ideal that has dominated the international system for centuries, and toward a new ideal grounded in global cosmopolitanism.