Benefits of a KSEA membership for graduate students

Only $5 to Join or Renew a KSEA Membership

  • $10 Membership Fee Reimbursement for Graduate Members Enlisted in the “Central PA Chapter”

    • There is $15 annual membership fee for a graduate member, and you need to renew every year to maintain your membership.
    • But, you need to pay only $5 because our Central PA Chapter reimburses $10 of your membership fee.
    • To join or renew your membership for $5,
      1. Go on
      2. Join or renew your membership.
      3. Register “Central Pennsylvania” chapter as your local chapter.
      4. Pay $15 annual membership fee in KSEA membership registration page and complete the registration.
      5. Submit a KSEA Membership Fee Reimbursement Application.
      6. Then, we will contact you and start a reimbursement process as soon as we get your information.
      7. Feel free to ask any questions:


Benefits from KSEA

  • KSEA-KUSCO Scholarship for Graduate Students in the US

    • Number of Recipients: 20 
    • Scholarship Award: $1500 each
    • Eligibility
      • Graduate students of Korean heritage at an accredited institution in the US 
      • Scholarship recipients must have a graduate student status when scholarship is awarded
      • Major in science, engineering, or related fields
      • KSEA membership (You must be a KSEA member in order to apply)
      • Previous recipients of KSEA-KUSCO scholarships are not eligible to apply
    • For more information:
  • Financial Support for Attending Ygnite 2016

    • Ygnite 2016 is the 12th Annual Young Generation Technical and Leadership Conference hosted by KSEA.
    • Date & Location: Dallas, Texas, January 22-24, 2016.
    • Financial Support (about $1000)
      • All meals ($200)
      • Conference Registration Fee, if you are a presenter (up to $130)
        • Registration fee for participation only: $200
        • Registration fee for presenter: $90 (for early registration, $70)
      • 3-Night Lodging in a quality hotel (about $500) – evenings of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (evening on 1/21/2016 ~ morning on 1/24/2016).
      • 50% Airfare (waiver dependent on distance) 
        • For attendees from State College, the cap is $170. So, if your airfare is beyond $340, you can be reimbursed up to $170. For example, for $200 airfare, you will get $100; for $400 airfare, you will get $170 as a cap. 
    • For more information:
  • Financial Support for Attending UKC (US-Korea Conference)

    • UKC is US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, in which many scientists and engineers in the United States and Korea gather together, share their knowledge, and network each other.
    • Financial Support (about $1200)
      • 3 Meals ($100)
      • Conference Registration Fee ($400)
      • 3-Night Lodging: 4-Star Hotel (about $500)
      • Transportation Reimbursement (waiver dependent on distance)
  • Young Generation Forum (YGF) – only eligible for U.S. citizens

    • Purpose: To bring young Korean Heritage scientists and engineers from all over the world to Korea.
    • Date & Location: June 29th to July 2nd, 2015, in Seoul, South Korea.
    • Financial Support
      • Free event registration
      • Free meals and lodging for 4 days and 4 nights
      • Travel stipend to cover the round-trip airfare from U.S. to Korea (amounts: TBA)
    • For more information:


Benefits from Central PA Chapter Activities

  • Professional Presentation Opportunity

    • Our KSEA Montly Multidisciplinary Seminar Series & Student Presentation Competition gives a great opportunity to present your academic work in front of audience with various backgrounds and get valuable feedback on not only substantial contents, but also your presentation skills.  Moreover, this participation is a great addition to your resume (e.g. a speaker of a invited talk or student presentation competition winner).  
  • Mentoring Program

    • We match and assign Mentor-Mentee in respective fields upon request.
  • Sharing US/Korea Job Offering Information (취업정보 공유)

    • KSEA Central PA Chapter classifies and shares job offering information with our chapter members exclusively.
    • Job information includes deadline, location, job title, company name, position, qualifications, and forms.