Annex request fulfillment rate hits an all-time high!

BY: Ann  Snowman

Last month the successful fill rate for 626 items searched reached a 100% fill rate averaged across three facilities.

One metric among many the Annex tracks is the rate of success in finding an item requested via the Onshelf Hold Items Report (I Want It). For a collection of its size and age a fill rate topping 85% is extraordinary. Furthermore, parts of the collection have moved multiple times compounding the opportunity for errors. In recent years, Annex staff have undertaken several
projects to steward the collection in a way that would increase the fulfillment rate. Barcoding projects, some reorganization of materials, and new standards set for reshelving and intake of
collections had an impact. As a result, the fill rate for the month of February reached 100%.

Success rates have been inching higher for some time. By way of comparison, for the period January-December 2017, the fill rate for 8,073 items searched was 99.576%, averaged across the three facilities. In January 2018, the fill rate for 645 items searched was 99.48% averaged across the three facilities.

As we phase into a new inventory system we anticipate our ability to locate requested items to improve even more so that those high success rates become standard.