Recently, snapchat has issued an update to its application which allows only the user to see their best friends. And it would be an understatement to say that people are upset about it.

If you are unfamiliar with snapchat, it is an application for your phone which allows you to send pictures to your friends for up to ten seconds before they disappear forever. When viewing your friend list, snapchat used to show a list of the three people that snapchatted each individual user most frequently.

Girls are ridiculed for overemphasizing the implications that this feature creates. Often girls are known to create problems in their relationships because their boyfriend has another girl as his best friend on snapchat. In many girls minds, this is definitive proof that their boyfriend is in fact cheating on them.

Additionally, girls use snapchat as a passive aggressive way of bragging about who they are currently involved with. If a girl starts talking to a new guy, you better believe he is going to be at the top of her snapchat best friends list. With the assumption that people take on which links members of the opposite sex romantically to their best friend on snapchat, it’s a girls way of saying “look who I’m talking to” without actually saying it. Needless to say, girls (And many guys) spoke out when snapchat revoked this feature, and snapchat has issued a statement saying that they will in fact be reinstating the best friend feature on their application.

One of the most talked about features of the snapchat app is the snap story. The snap story allows users to upload a ten second photo or video which is then posted to the feeds of all the user’s friends along with other users’ stories. This photo or video can be seen by all friends for 24 hours after it is posted before the media is deleted. People really like snap stories because they are brief visual updates to your life which is less formal than posting on facebook or instagram. However, the snap story is a double edged sword. While it is fun to post updates about what’s going on today for your friends to see, many people get carried away with it. On a Saturday or Sunday morning, it is not uncommon to open your snapchat app to see stories which are 200 seconds of selfies or videos at a party. And this is something both guys and girls are guilty of. While you do not receive a notification outside of the app when a story is posted, the normally transparent box at the lower right hand corner will turn purple and show the number of story updates posted since you last checked, and new stories will appear at the top of your friends list under “Recent Updates” until they are viewed or the 24 hours expired. And that gets very annoying when you have to scroll through twenty recent updates to see your friend list.

Snapchat’s unique and fleeting nature has allowed it to grow to become one of the biggest apps on both apple and android app stores and doesn’t seem to be dwindling any time soon. So all I have to say for now is stop reading too much into your guy’s best friends on snapchat and, for god’s sake, stop posting 35 selfies with your “ride or die”.

The “C” Word

No, not that one.

People (yes, men and women) have a lovely array of words to describe the mental state of the women in their lives. And here is my (and probably half of women everywhere) think about it.


1. Bipolar.

It is completely normal for someone to change their mind. It cannot be expected that someone will make one decision and not give it a second thought. And yet, when a girl happens to change her mind, she is suddenly bipolar.

2. Crazy.

Crazy is reserved specifically for when a girl does something you don’t like. Get jealous? Crazy. Stalk on social media? Crazy. (as if not everyone cyber-stalks) Basically any time a girl has any sort of unhidden emotion she is crazy. Or any time she acts on them. I must note that girls are the worst offenders. Walk into a dispute between two girls and you’ll hear it thrown around more than “literally”. No one actually believes that someone is crazy when they use it, and still it is used in stride. Yet, despite the lax use of the term, girls find it very offensive. So girls need to develop a thicker skin or use the word crazy less.

3. PMS-ing

My personal favorite. The cover-all for any sort of negative emotion a girl may be experiencing at the moment. Of course it is true that biology can play a factor in how a girl may be feeling. However, it is simply cruel to discredit any feeling that you don’t agree with to Mother Nature. If a girl starts crying when there’s mayo on her sandwich after she specifically ordered no mayo, then yes that is a likely explanation. But if a girl is upset about something, you should hear her out. Maybe there is some merit to how she’s feeling. Additionally, if a girl is “PMS-ing”, do you really want to accuse her of it? All that will do is upset her further, and get you in a lot of trouble. So it’s probably best you refrain from using that one.

It’s about time we stop using derivations of terms for mental illness to offend people. I understand that sometimes people do act a bit off-their-rocker, but if you really need to call them out on it get creative!