Winner, Best Poem: Melodies of Monster by Shanille Allo

150 Minutes  by Devon Judy

An Earthly Eon by Jacob Shuler

Ask Again Later by Devon Judy

Bath Bombed Body Unicycling Boldly by Austin Shay

Beautiful Bastard by Shanille Allo

Derringer .44 Caliber by Austin Shay

Fooling Around With Joe Canewell’s Daughter by Maria Wilson

Getting Lost by Holly Feeman

Leaving Her Lighthouse by Stephanie Rubright

Little Hungry Hunters by Sean Hopkins

Memories by Devon Judy

Search and Surprise by Sierra Baer

Senescence by Corinne Palese

Seraphic Connection by Shanille Allo

The German Soldier by Stephanie Rubright

The Last Visitor by Stephanie Rubright

The Star Poem by Shanille Allo

Two Empty Seats by Stephanie Rubright

Writing Takes Courage by Jason Moffitt