I do believe my heart has been taken,
Not by the hand of a bitter swindler,
But look and gaze upon passion awakened,
As love’s piercing light will surely hinder,
Like a spider’s web capturing the prey,
Took with it, all feelings, flailing with guilt,
My will, a hushed rumor, to her dismay,
Remains captive to such delicate silk,
What more can be deprived of man’s figure?
What cruel creature would bring peace as it feeds?
That rots Earth’s pines while instilling vigor?
And stains the cheeks with glistening tear beads,
The toll eternal love has on the soul,
Reveals lost splendors as life’s truths unfold.


Alexander Brown is a senior English major who has written over 200 poems and 50 short stories. The essay and poems in this issue are his first publications.