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Living with Plagiarism

As I have been reminding people recently I both maintain a plagiarism Web site and teach the occasional linguistics course. This is one of those times I’m glad to see an issue like plagiarism from multiple points of view. Interestingly … Continue reading

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Course Hero – The Study Site that’s a Pyramid Scheme?

The original discovery of this little gem goes to one of my Harrisburg colleagues who learned about it from an instructor. The site in question is Course Hero or “An Open Online Study Community”, but note how the home page … Continue reading

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Scheduling and the August Blog Project

I’m not officially attempting the 1 blog post per day feat, but if I were, I could write up a bunch over the week-end and use the schedule feature to separate the appearance by 24 hours. Use this to reader … Continue reading

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Elizabeth is Tweeting

Believe it or not, Robin Smail (aka Robin2Go) finally talked me into Tweeting. Since I had written a very long blog post against Twitter I thought I should go public with this decision. I’m also Tweeting in public, although only … Continue reading

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Overview of the Penn State Open Source License

The Penn State Multimedia Teaching Objects are a set of objects which can be downloaded under the “Penn State Open Source License”. While this license is not Creative Commons, it actually has the same terms as a liberal GNU/Creative Commons … Continue reading

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LDSC08 – I do like Live Question

I anticipate a quiet Web 2.0 period on this topic, but I did like the Live Question tool from the Harvard Law server. It lets a large class send questions with minimal interruption, and the voting lets other students participate … Continue reading

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Text is Cheap (and sometimes that’s good).

I’m working on posting a media-rich for the fall (images, video and text), and I really have a new appreciation for the cheapness of text. What do I mean exactly? Text files are much smaller than media files Software to … Continue reading

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