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Eating the Captioning Dog Food

I’m prepping for an accessibility presentation and realized it was finally time for me to bite the bullet and caption a video. I even set aside an entire afternoon for it. Surprisingly though it only took me about 2 hours … Continue reading

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Another Crucial Conversations Review

Today I completed most of the “Crucial Conversations” program, but this time led by ITS Training Manager Lisa Lacombe. I have to say I found both Lisa and the program very worthwhile…which is saying a lot because I am a … Continue reading

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Grey Means Go – Color Blindness in Transportation

“Grey Means go” ( is a Website devoted to colorblindess issues in transportation and ways that traffic signals can be enhanced so that color blind users know which is the red light. The site argues (I think successfully) that the … Continue reading

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Minimizing Captioning/Transcription Hours

A common accessibility accommodation is audio transcription and audio captioning, especially now that audio and video files are easier to create than ever. The transcription, on the other hand, can be a labor intensive process. I’ve been through a captioning … Continue reading

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Signing Off On Group Problem Submissions?

In one of the engineering courses I’m working with, students are grouped into teams of four and asked to submit one joint homework assignment (usually with at least four problems). The instructor likes this structure because 1) students are able … Continue reading

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Open Office XML Hacks

Just ran into an interesting article on hacking Open Office Even if you don’t hack, I think it’s an interesting case study of how XML underlies many modern application settings.

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Why I Avoid Labeling Arrows on my Concept Maps

I’m actually a big fan of diagrams (maps, family trees, bar charts) but I’ve always found the standard concept map (like the one below from Wikipedia) a little confusing Click Image to Enlarge This is one of those concept maps … Continue reading

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ALT Tags without Tears?

I’ve been talking a lot about accessibility recently, but the one thing I have utterly failed to convey is that it’s not as scary as it sounds. Sometime it can be relatively painless if you just know the right trick. … Continue reading

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