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Zooming in on Elegance: A Classy Flash App

I just wanted to share an example of a partcularly effective museum Flash viewer from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). The exhibition is on European Decorative Arts focusing on the 17th-18th centuries. If you’re familiar with furniture from … Continue reading

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A Team Learning Conundrum

One of the video vignettes from the Rock Ethics Institute Principles Curriculum is about group ettiquette for student group projects. Although it’s “ettiquette” this clip neither shows a loud argument or an initial session to establish operating parameters. Instead it … Continue reading

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Rock Ethics Institute Academic Integrity Vignettes

Another great resource on plagiarism and academic integrity comes from the Penn Rock Ethics Institute. Like the copyright videos on, the vignettes are video plays which are meant to entertain as well as educate. A favorite is Plagiarism Vignette … Continue reading

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Assessing a Logic Course

This January the ETS team successfully completed a pilot of an online course on symbolic logic and turned it over to Liberal Arts for future maintenance. Now it’s time to assess what happened and see if we (or I) learned … Continue reading

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Get your “Plagiarism Today”

Pardon the cheesy title, but I did want to point out a new blog on plagiarism and copyright I’ve found recently: It updates daily and has some great articles explaining different aspects of copyright. A recent favorite is “Five … Continue reading

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Need a Free Green Flash Sun Photo ?

I recently did the copyright & free graphic session of the Winterfest Digital Media Day, with accompanying handout (FindingImages.pdf). I have to confess that images hold a special place in my heart pedagogy wise. As much as I love text, … Continue reading

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My Weekly iTunes Song of the Week Sidetrip

One of the few Web 2.0 activities I regularly participate in is the iTunes Song of the Week. In fact I participate so regularly, I would say it’s almost like a cult for me. Obviously, I love it for the … Continue reading

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