Symposium Quest – Part 3

In reference to the 2009 Symposium Quest (part 3)

This game has two options – one of which is a radical educational idea. Last week, I wrote about giving out mathematical formulas as rewards for completing a task (homework), and I don’t think I can top that immediately.

But since I don’t want to “self-plagiarize”, I better give out the four Web site links indicating my personality. So…

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide (
  3. AMS Mathematical Imagery
  4. I can’t get the snack! おやつ取れないよー、コーギー – Did I mention I have a Welsh corgi?

Note that the instructions do not specify that I had to explain all my choices ;).

The truth is that it would too long to explain all of them (it’s a right brained thing), but I hope you find some of them enjoyable.

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    It’s a plot from the global industrial-defense complex. They don’t want you to realize how pervasive dihydrogen monoxide really is in our environment. 😉

  2. Wow – Dihydrogen monoxide. I have never heard of it.

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